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For off-site events and celebrations, Villa D’oro’s renowned Mediterranean flavours can be provided for all types of events outside our venue. Let our team work with you to create a tailored menu from our delectable range of food options, all served with typical Villa D’oro flair.


Choosing Your Catering Experience

Hot Food

Crusty garlic bread – $1
Arancini balls – $2
Puff pastry parcels – $2.50

filled with ricotta and feta

Puff pastry parcels – $2

Savoury mince

Chicken schnitzels – $4
Veal Schnitzel – $5
Herb crusted mini lamb cutlets – $6
Veal scallopini – $5

with mushrooms and white wine

Chicken scallopini – $4

with our signature sauce of soy, honey and reduced cream

Salt and pepper calamari – $2
Salt and pepper prawns – $2.50
Grilled tenderloin of beef (200gms) – $18

served with a variety of sauces

Tray of veal scallopini (10) – $40

with mushrooms

Tray of chicken scallopini (10) – $40

with our signature sauce of soy, honey and reduced cream

Tray of Roasted potatoes – $30

with rosemary and garlic

Tray of Roasted vegetables – $30

Pasta – Throwaway Trays

Lasagna – $30
Cannelloni – $30

with ricotta and spinach

Home made egg pasta – $35

with meat balls

Large ravioli – $35

filled with butternut pumpkin, burnt butter and sage

 Fresh egg fettuccini – $35

with a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce

Fresh homemade spaghetti – $35

with prawns in Napoletana sauce or oil, garlic and chili

home made Gnocchi – $35

served with a fresh tomato sauce, Bolognese or boscaiola sauce

Individual servings of pasta – $8

Cold Food & Sliders

Bruschetta – $2
Fresh peeled king prawns – $3
Smoked salmon – $2.50

with extra virgin olive oil

Smoked salmon sliders – $4

with cream cheese

Grilled chorizo sliders – $4
Slow cooked pork sliders – $4

basted with soy and honey

Chicken sliders – $4
Beef burgers sliders – $4

with homemade tomato salsa

Cured Parma ham sliders – $4

with provolone cheese

Salads & Antipasto Range

Large white square trays – serve 20+ people

Seafood platter – $280

of fresh peeled king prawns, oysters, smoked salmon and scampi

Mixed Italian antipasto – $120

of cured meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables and crusty bread

Caprese salad – $50
Rocket salad – $30

with balsamic, extra virgin olive oil with parmesan

Mixed green salad – $30
Traditional Greek salad – $45
Pumkin Salad – $45

with baby spinach, fresh beetroot, baked cubed pumpkin, goat cheese (or Danish feta) and roasted pinenuts

pumpkin salad – $50

with quinoa with feta, baked pumpkin and baby Roma tomatoes

Caprese salad – $50

baby bocconncini, baby Roma tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil

Italian potato salad – $40

Please note that prices are for pick-up only. If you require the food dropped off hot and ready to eat, please add 20% to the total cost of food.

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